What to do When Someone Dies Without a Will

Thu 24th Jan 2019

What happens when someone dies without leaving a will? A question we regularly get asked.

This can happen if a person dies suddenly, or sometimes people who don’t have a surviving spouse or partner or children don’t set out ...

Free Unclaimed Inheritance Search

Wed 19th Dec 2018

Each year, hundreds of people die in the UK without leaving a will behind them. This leaves an unclaimed estate where relatives can claim their entitlement. Unclaimed Estates provide a Free Unclaimed Inheritance Search and support for any person attempting to claim an estate.

Who is Entitled to Unclaimed Inheritance?

Wed 12th Dec 2018

In our line of work, we like to say there is no such thing as an Unclaimed Estate or rather Unclaimed Inheritance. Everyone, no matter how alone they might have seemed, has family somewhere who are entitled to their estate.

Often, when people ...

What Happens To Unclaimed Estates

Tue 27th Nov 2018

If a person dies without leaving a will and he or she doesn’t seem to have next of kin, their estates go to the Treasury's list of Unclaimed Estates.

There are many ways a person’s estate can become ...

Universal Wealth Management Inheritance Fraud Claims

Wed 24th Oct 2018

Ipswich based inheritance planning firm under investigation by Suffolk Police for inheritance fraud. 

The reported collapse of an inheritance planning firm has left its clients fearing for their life savings after it was announced they are being investigated by ...