Unclaimed Estates


When a person dies without leaving a will in the UK, it is not always clear who should inherit their Unclaimed Estate.  

You could be an heir to Unclaimed Inheritance of a relative you've lost touch with or never knew existed.

Unclaimed Estates is a free website that publishes details of new Unclaimed Estates cases in the UK as they arise. These estates are referred to as “Bona Vacantia” and the Crown may claim ownership until the rightful heirs can be located.

If you recognise any names on the Unclaimed Estates Register and think you could be an entitled related, we can help and advise you towards a successful claim. 


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Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Abbott Geoffrey Arnold 2000072020/07/2000 Leeds West Yorkshire Leeds West Yorkshire 2019021313/02/2019
Bentham Charles Alfred 2018121616/12/2018 Luton Bedfordshire England 2019021313/02/2019
Bitmead Charles Henry 2000011515/01/2000 Margate Kent Kings Cross Islington 2019021313/02/2019
Boldnariuc Emil 2017102828/10/2017 Leytonstone London E11 Romania 2019021313/02/2019
Cherry Janet 2018021414/02/2018 Godalming Surrey 2019021313/02/2019
Dunne Christopher Joseph 2015082424/08/2015 York North Yorkshire Stowmarket Suffolk 2019021313/02/2019
Gonzalez-Lopez Isolina 2004121919/12/2004 Westminster London W2 Spain 2019021313/02/2019
Hodgetts Joseph 2010120101/12/2010 Plymouth Devon Rowley Regis 2019021313/02/2019
Jennings Paul 2012120505/12/2012 Avon Bath Hammersmith Hammersmith and Fulham 2019021313/02/2019
Kent Celia Joan 2009011919/01/2009 Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire Watford Hertfordshire 2019021313/02/2019
Lampey Richard Terence 2017052323/05/2017 Illford Essex 2019021313/02/2019
Langley Glyn 2018102929/10/2018 Colney Norwich 2019021313/02/2019
Mcnally Anne 2017033030/03/2017 Leytonstone London E11 England 2019021313/02/2019
Melville James Grant 2018101919/10/2018 Chichester West Sussex Perth Perthshire 2019021313/02/2019
Newham Dennis 2017060808/06/2017 Hove Brighton Brighton Brighton and Hove 2019021313/02/2019
Oliver Irma 2019011919/01/2019 Morton Gainsborough England 2019021313/02/2019
Rayner Elizabeth 2009121616/12/2009 Westcliff-on-Sea Essex England 2019021313/02/2019
Royse Irene Olive Mary 2018111212/11/2018 Leeds Yorkshire Birmingham West Midlands 2019021313/02/2019
Wise Barry 2016042222/04/2016 Isleworth Middlesex England 2019021313/02/2019
Atkin Stanley Paul Francis 2018032727/03/2018 Ruislip Middlesex Hillingdon 2019021212/02/2019
Beal Maurice Desmond 2008091616/09/2008 Keighley West Yorkshire Ilkey West Yorkshire 2019021212/02/2019
Bossley Peter Dennis 2005090808/09/2005 Newcastle Staffordshire Sedgefield Durham 2019021212/02/2019
Davis Jeffrey James 2004050707/05/2004 Doncaster South Yorkshire England 2019021212/02/2019
Foster Brian 2018030808/03/2018 Hull Kingston-upon-Hull Kingston upon Hull 2019021212/02/2019
Foster Gordon 2011051818/05/2011 Hull Kingston-upon-Hull East Riding of Yorkshire 2019021212/02/2019
Geisberger Massimiliano 2006041010/04/2006 Watford Hertfordshire Rome Italy 2019021212/02/2019
Griffin Albert 2003081818/08/2003 Westminster London W2 2019021212/02/2019
Hedges Graham 2015072727/07/2015 Eastbourne East Sussex Southwark 2019021212/02/2019
Hill Arthur Nigel 2015040404/04/2015 Worthing West Sussex Harrogate North Yorkshire 2019021212/02/2019
Horton Norma 2018032929/03/2018 Rowley Regis West Midlands Birmingham 2019021212/02/2019
Hurst Leonard 2005010707/01/2005 Westminster London SW1V England 2019021212/02/2019
Johnson Raymond 2010010404/01/2010 Banbury Oxfordshire England 2019021212/02/2019
Kerr Donovan Augustus 2007120707/12/2007 Islington and Haringey London N19 Jamaica 2019021212/02/2019
Lancaster Paul Francis 2003100101/10/2003 Birkenhead Merseyside 2019021212/02/2019
Lawson David James 2018082222/08/2018 Cheshire Chester England 2019021212/02/2019
Mathieson Terence David 2011102222/10/2011 Hereford Herefordshire Stourbridge Worcestershire 2019021212/02/2019
Mcnamara Peter 2000111717/11/2000 Kingston upon Thames Surrey England 2019021212/02/2019
Milburn Thomas 2007062727/06/2007 Llandough Penarth Blackpool Lancashire 2019021212/02/2019
Morgan Fevziye 2007121919/12/2007 Stoke Newington London Turkey 2019021212/02/2019
Murphy James 2004080303/08/2004 Barnet London EN5 Irish Republic 2019021212/02/2019
Murray John 2010082121/08/2010 Camden London NW3 Belfast 2019021212/02/2019
Needham Robert 2004031616/03/2004 Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire Gosport Hampshire 2019021212/02/2019
Nott Kenneth 2000061111/06/2000 Sketty Swansea Swansea 2019021212/02/2019
O'Brien Steven George 2017112626/11/2017 Taunton Somerset 2019021212/02/2019
Parker Ernest George 2007032626/03/2007 Lewisham London SE13 Lewisham 2019021212/02/2019
Parry Ronald Frederick 2006071010/07/2006 Doncaster South Yorkshire Awsworth Nottinghamshire 2019021212/02/2019
Paul Margery 2005102525/10/2005 Westcliff-on-Sea Essex Dufftown Scotland 2019021212/02/2019
Petrie Patricia Olive 2018062626/06/2018 Colchester Essex England 2019021212/02/2019
Phillips Andrew John 2005120707/12/2005 Brighton East Sussex England 2019021212/02/2019
Rathbone Michael Philip 2018112626/11/2018 Portsmouth Hampshire Portsmouth 2019021212/02/2019


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