Unclaimed Estates


When a person dies without leaving a will in the UK, it is not always clear who should inherit their Unclaimed Estate.  

You could be an heir to Unclaimed Inheritance of a relative you've lost touch with or never knew existed.

Unclaimed Estates is a free website that publishes details of new Unclaimed Estates cases in the UK as they arise. These estates are referred to as “Bona Vacantia” and the Crown may claim ownership until the rightful heirs can be located.

If you recognise any names on the Unclaimed Estates Register and think you could be an entitled related, we can help and advise you towards a successful claim. 


See below A-Z list by surname of estates published in the last 2 weeks

Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Gillan Denis Michael 24/10/2018 Brighton East Sussex 21/02/2020
Horne Leslie James 24/02/2018 South Brent Devon Devon 21/02/2020
Johnson Lynwood Ivan 08/12/2012 Mile End London E1 21/02/2020
Jones Sandra Denise 07/12/2019 Wallasay Merseyside England 21/02/2020
Magro Pamela Olive Marie 14/09/2019 Eastbourne East Sussex Bromley 21/02/2020
McCormick Henry 06/11/2017 Brixton London SE5 Belfast Northen Island 21/02/2020
Moss Phillip Hermann 27/03/2019 Chelmsord Essex Sudbury Sufolk 21/02/2020
Brophy Gerrard Joseph 30/11/2007 Birmingham Irish Republic 20/02/2020
Bunting Gordon 23/11/2019 Sheffield South Yorkshire England 20/02/2020
Durr Richard James 28/10/2019 Ely Cambridgeshire Newmarket Suffolk 20/02/2020
Edwards Cecil Graham 27/08/2019 Gloucester Gloucestershire 20/02/2020
Freeman Janet 21/11/2019 Surrey England 20/02/2020
Griffin Edward 25/03/2019 Bradford and Keighley England 20/02/2020
James Robert Alan 23/10/2019 Westbury Wiltshire 20/02/2020
Karpeles-Schenker Cynthia Mary 24/11/2018 Westminster London W2 Swindon Wiltshire 20/02/2020
Lee Colin George 01/12/2019 Bromley England 20/02/2020
Mulvihill Patrick 10/12/2016 Birmingham West Midlands Eire 20/02/2020
Pearce Irene Doris 28/11/2019 Catford London SE6 20/02/2020
Skelhorn Joan 18/05/2002 Manchester Lancashire Altricham Cheshire 20/02/2020
Tomlin June Edith 28/09/2019 Surrey England 20/02/2020
Tucker Gordon Douglas 28/11/2019 Bournemouth Dorset Motcombe Dorset 20/02/2020
Dennison Sheila 03/01/2020 North Shields Tyne & Wear North Shields Tyne & Wear 18/02/2020
Farndell David Paul 03/09/2018 Southsea Hampshire Portsmouth 18/02/2020
Jeavons Stuart Francis 23/10/2019 South Coventry West Midlands Coventry 18/02/2020
Mountford Keith Daniel 08/01/2020 Norwich Norfolk East Ham Newham 18/02/2020
Olive Frederick 20/11/2019 Basildon Essex 18/02/2020
Skinner Ronald 20/12/2019 Corsham Wiltshire Chippenham Wiltshire 18/02/2020
Smith Leonard 24/12/2019 Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire Stoke on Trent 18/02/2020
Woods Keith Robert 04/12/2020 Harpenden Hertfordshire Romford 18/02/2020
Allison John 09/12/2019 Chesterfield Derbyshire 17/02/2020
Antonik David John 16/10/2018 Hackney England 17/02/2020
Ault Michael Raymond 13/04/1997 Chichester Bognor England 17/02/2020
Bailey Mary 24/11/2019 Rotherham South Yorkshire Rotherham South Yorkshire 17/02/2020
Belira Antonio 05/04/2019 Putney London SW15 17/02/2020
Bell Mark Jarrod 22/06/2015 Lincoln Lincolnshire Lincoln 17/02/2020
Bennett William Charles 30/12/2019 Southampton Hampshire Hythe Hampshire 17/02/2020
Brick Anne Elizabeth 20/09/2019 Flint Flintshire 17/02/2020
Brum Adrian Howard 08/01/2020 Carshalton Surrey 17/02/2020
Chapman Brian 06/02/2019 Northamptonshire England 17/02/2020
Colbeck Glenda Ann 23/06/2019 Leeds West Yorkshire 17/02/2020
Haddock Arthur 01/03/2019 Wirral Merseyside Birkenhead Wirral 17/02/2020
Howard Norma Mary 24/08/2019 BirminghamWest Midlands Birmingham 17/02/2020
Neville Margaret 14/09/2019 Kingston Surrey 17/02/2020
Sanis Brian David 09/01/2019 Romford Essex Romford Havering 17/02/2020
Smith James John 31/01/2019 Gillingham Kent Kensington Kensington & Chelsea 17/02/2020
Walters Michael 31/01/2019 Westminster England 17/02/2020
Wilson Marion Isobel 07/11/2019 Quorn Leicestershire Barrow-upon-Soar Leicestershire 17/02/2020
Wood Keith 01/01/2000 Cambridge Cambridgeshire London 17/02/2020
Ardrey Debra Clare 14/01/2020 Northampton Northamptonshire Twickenham 11/02/2020
Callahan Jeffrey 13/03/2019 Folestone Kent 11/02/2020


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