Unclaimed inheritance


In the UK in the event that a person dies intestate (without leaving a will) the usual probate process can not always happen as it is not always clear who should inherit the deceased's estate and assets. You could be an heir to the unclaimed estate of a relative you've lost touch with or never knew existed!

An heir search can be expensive and time consuming and professional heir hunters do not always take every case and even experts in probate genealogy do not always find the heir so lost heirs can sometimes remain lost. Any assets in the estate of the deceased can remain unclaimed for years and an heir hunters estate case cannot always be solved without help.

Unclaimed Estates is a free service that emails you the list of new unclaimed estates every week so you'll know if an estate you could be entitled to is published.


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Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Griffin Doreen Joyce 2016030808/03/2016 Chelmsford Essex 2018042424/04/2018
Price Brenda 2017122020/12/2017 Frampton-on-Severn Gloucestershire Wiltshire 2018042424/04/2018
Aldred Janet 2018021919/02/2018 Grimsby Lincolnshire 2018042323/04/2018
Bailey Dennis 2017092929/09/2017 Darlington Durham Darlington 2018042323/04/2018
Reddell Eileen 2017122020/12/2017 Scunthorpe Lincolnshire Hillingdon London 2018042323/04/2018
Roberts Elizabeth Margaret 2018032626/03/2018 Abergele Clwyd England 2018042323/04/2018
Cope Cecil 2017062626/06/2017 County Borough of Wrexham Wrexham 2018042020/04/2018
Flory Joyce Nellie Ruth 2018032424/03/2018 Portsmouth Hampshire Kingston Surrey 2018041919/04/2018
Gardner Brian Charles 2017052626/05/2017 Reading Berkshire Essex 2018041919/04/2018
Miles Albert Edward 2017041212/04/2017 Chessington Surrey 2018041919/04/2018
Smith John 2018030505/03/2018 Stevenage Hertfordshire Hertfordshire 2018041919/04/2018
Brownson Roy 2010111919/11/2010 Chesterfield Derbyshire 2018041818/04/2018
Carne Robert Thomas 2018022222/02/2018 Poole Dorset Bournemouth 2018041818/04/2018
Taylor Eleonor Mary 2018021010/02/2018 Clacton-On Sea Essex Battersea Wandsworth 2018041818/04/2018
Ashcroft George Mcalpine 2017121313/12/2017 Hammersmith London W6 Scotland 2018041717/04/2018
Barker Glen 2017101717/10/2017 Swindon Wiltshire Scarborough North Yorkshire 2018041717/04/2018
Bonnett Doreen 2018022020/02/2018 Newmarket Suffolk Ely Cambridgeshire 2018041717/04/2018
Brown Ann-Marie 2017041616/04/2017 Camberwell London SE5 Bushey Hertfordshire 2018041717/04/2018
Collister John William 2017032929/03/2017 Beckenham Kent 2018041717/04/2018
Cox Barry John 2018021010/02/2018 Exeter Devon Southend on Sea Essex 2018041717/04/2018
Ellerby Clarence Septumas 2018010606/01/2018 Gainsborough Lincolnshire Spilsby Lincolnshire 2018041717/04/2018
Fraser Rudolph 2017112828/11/2017 Lewisham London SE13 Guyana 2018041717/04/2018
Groves Edward 2017121010/12/2017 Great Yarmouth Norfolk England 2018041717/04/2018
Kotze Alex 2017122222/12/2017 Bridgend Mid Glamorgan Norwich 2018041717/04/2018
Macintosh Christina Margaret 2010010505/01/2010 Greenwich London SE10 Dunoon County of Argyll 2018041717/04/2018
McGuigan Brian Charles 2017121919/12/2017 Lewisham London SE13 Musselburgh Scotland 2018041717/04/2018
Nicholls Brian 2017051111/05/2017 Huntington Cambridgeshire 2018041717/04/2018
Rawlinson Reginald Arthur 2018020606/02/2018 Romford Essex West Ham London 2018041717/04/2018
Riley Jack 2012120101/12/2012 Haifax West Yorkshire Halifax West Yorkshire 2018041717/04/2018
Rogers Sonia Edith 2018020202/02/2018 Corsham Wiltshire Liskeard Cornwall 2018041717/04/2018
Skingsley Marie Bernadette 2015010202/01/2015 Romford Essex Bolton 2018041717/04/2018
Smoker Carol Theresa 2018010707/01/2018 Lewisham. London SE13 Welling Bexley 2018041717/04/2018
Taylor Amy 2018021212/02/2018 Barnsley South Yorkshire England 2018041717/04/2018
Thorn Henry 2018022424/02/2018 Sutton Surrey Hillingdon 2018041717/04/2018
Turnbull Philip 2010010606/01/2010 Watford Hertfordshire England 2018041717/04/2018
Veerappan Periathambi 2017052020/05/2017 Gillingham Kent India 2018041717/04/2018
Walters Lael 2018020303/02/2018 Denbigh Denbighshire Cardiff 2018041717/04/2018
Hayward Robin Leslie 2017022323/02/2017 Cheltenham Gloucestershire Cheltenham Gloucestershire 2018041616/04/2018
King Margaret May 2017060303/06/2017 Birmingham West Midlands Birmingham 2018041616/04/2018
Armstrong Bernard 2017021313/02/2017 Bradford West Yorkshire Dartford Kent 2018041212/04/2018
White Jack 2012102929/10/2012 Bradford West Yorkshire Bradford 2018041212/04/2018
Fuller Colin Bruce 2017121313/12/2017 Salisbury Wiltshire Hendon Barnet 2018041111/04/2018
Smith Rose Mary 2018012222/01/2018 Portland Dorset London 2018041111/04/2018
Trenfield Audrey Doreen 2018022828/02/2018 Tamworth Staffordshire Tamworth 2018041111/04/2018
Billing Roy 2018022424/02/2018 Towcester Northamptonshire Woodend Northamptonshire 2018041010/04/2018
Heap Alan 2016122525/12/2016 EastbourneEast Sussex Burnley Lancashire 2018041010/04/2018
Kenny Alfred Dennis 2018012929/01/2018 Bournemouth Dorset Birmingham 2018041010/04/2018
Morris Kenneth 2018012323/01/2018 Weston-super-Mare North Somerset Bristol 2018041010/04/2018
Potter John Barry 2018010808/01/2018 Leicester Leicestershire Leicester 2018041010/04/2018
Ashworth Frederick Peter 2018011919/01/2018 Southampton Hampshire Austria 2018040909/04/2018


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