Unclaimed Estates


When a person dies without leaving a will in the UK, it is not always clear who should inherit their Unclaimed Estate.  

You could be an heir to Unclaimed Inheritance of a relative you've lost touch with or never knew existed.

Unclaimed Estates is a free website that publishes details of new Unclaimed Estates cases in the UK as they arise. These estates are referred to as “Bona Vacantia” and the Crown may claim ownership until the rightful heirs can be located.

If you recognise any names on the Unclaimed Estates Register and think you could be an entitled related, we can help and advise you towards a successful claim. 


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Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Corker Steven 2018103030/10/2018 Cheltenham Gloucestershire Yorkshire 2018111616/11/2018
Cox Frederick Walter 2011091616/09/2011 Windsor Berkshire Australia 2018111616/11/2018
Shepherd Shirley Jean 2013040101/04/2013 Guildford Surrey Croydon 2018111616/11/2018
Taan Adnan 2017092525/09/2017 Tottenham London N15 Sierra Leone 2018111616/11/2018
Walters Lily 2016122626/12/2016 Gillingham Kent Hoo Medway 2018111616/11/2018
Born Douglas Charles 2016070707/07/2016 Charleston Charleston County England 2018111414/11/2018
James Peter Melvyn 2018082727/08/2018 Slough Berkshire England 2018111414/11/2018
Sigsworth Beryl 2017060606/06/2017 Shipley West Yorkshire West Yorkshire 2018111414/11/2018
Blaschke Robin 2018073131/07/2018 Camden London NW5 2018111313/11/2018
Doherty Patrick 2018071919/07/2018 Camden London NW1 2018111313/11/2018
Jones Gwendoline 2015021414/02/2015 Rochester kent Newark Nottinghamshire 2018111313/11/2018
Layton James Grant 2018071313/07/2018 Dover Kent 2018111313/11/2018
Lee Dennis 2015052828/05/2015 Shipley Bradford United Kingdom 2018111313/11/2018
Packham Geoffrey William 2018101515/10/2018 Harlow Essex England 2018111313/11/2018
Robinson Jean Marie 2012120505/12/2012 Durham County Durham 2018111313/11/2018
Kelly Philip Charles 2018050505/05/2018 Shepherds Bush London W12 England 2018111212/11/2018
Knell Jack 2018092828/09/2018 Wokingham Berkshire Sheffield South Yorkshire 2018111212/11/2018
Cullen Mark 2017021212/02/2017 Bristol Avon United Kingdom 2018110808/11/2018
Curitz Maurice Stephen 1997080101/08/1997 Cardiff Glamorganshire Cardiff 2018110808/11/2018
Davies Richard 2017121313/12/2017 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands West Midlands 2018110808/11/2018
Gispert Simon 2018101818/10/2018 Dorchester Dorset 2018110808/11/2018
Jones Linda Violet 2015031919/03/2015 Ilfracombe Devon Swansea East 2018110808/11/2018
Kenney Michael George 2018091717/09/2018 Leicester Leicestershire Leicester 2018110808/11/2018
Matthews Hugh 2016120404/12/2016 Newark Nottinghamshire Margate Kent 2018110808/11/2018
Metcalf Brian 2007031414/03/2007 York North Yorkshire Shildon 2018110808/11/2018
Proud Brian 2017102323/10/2017 Newcastle-upon-Tyne Tyne and Wear Hebburn Tyne and Wear 2018110808/11/2018
Ross Robert 2017040404/04/2017 Purley Surrey London 2018110808/11/2018
Swainston Kathleen 2018051414/05/2018 Sunderland Tyne and Wear Sunderland Tyne and Wear 2018110808/11/2018
Titmus Alan James 2018092626/09/2018 St Leonards-on-Sea Kent 2018110808/11/2018
Bennett Anthony Gerald 2015071010/07/2015 Thornton Heath London CR7 2018110707/11/2018
Evans Michael John 2017110404/11/2017 Sheffield South Yorkshire Sheffield 2018110707/11/2018
Godwin Leonard Albert 2017120707/12/2017 Aldershot Hampshire England 2018110707/11/2018
Hamer John 2017042424/04/2017 Leicester Leicestershire England 2018110707/11/2018
Kenney Russell Andrew 2018012222/01/2018 Ventnor Isle of Wight Leicester 2018110707/11/2018
Lipton Paul 2016100505/10/2016 Maldon Essex Poland 2018110707/11/2018
Parkes Frank 2018061212/06/2018 Chester-Le-Street County Durham Burnhope County Durham 2018110707/11/2018
Redfern Paul Gerard 2017081414/08/2017 Westminster London W2 Ashbourne Derbyshire 2018110707/11/2018
Whitaker Margaret Nora 2018021010/02/2018 Beverley East Riding of Yorkshire Ashton-in-Makerfield Lancashire 2018110707/11/2018
Wilkinson Kenneth 2018102020/10/2018 Camden London NW1 2018110707/11/2018
Williams Ebenezer Morris 2017080303/08/2017 Cambridge Cambridgeshire Llanfaes Anglesey 2018110707/11/2018
Wright Geoffrey 2018090404/09/2018 Darlington County Durham Darlington 2018110707/11/2018
Grant Peter Patrick Lambert 1996091717/09/1996 Islington London N7 Trinidad 2018110606/11/2018
Henshaw Richard Victor 2017041616/04/2017 Nottingham Nottinghamshire Stapleford Nottinghamshire 2018110606/11/2018
Laking David Philip 2018061111/06/2018 Leeds West Riding of Yorkshire Leeds West Yorkshire 2018110606/11/2018
Letham James 2013112828/11/2013 Harrow Middlesex Willesden Brent 2018110606/11/2018
Lowe Mavis Ann 2017042828/04/2017 Nottingham Nottinghamshire Hartlepool 2018110606/11/2018
Mascoll Rafael St Christopher 2018020707/02/2018 Lewisham London SE4 Barbados 2018110606/11/2018
Miles Edwin William Charles 2017071414/07/2017 Swansea Glamorganshire Swansea 2018110606/11/2018
Nicholls Trevor Abraham 2017022020/02/2017 Birmingham West Midlands Birmingham 2018110606/11/2018
O'Callaghan James Thomas 2015011818/01/2015 Bradford West Yorkshire United Kingdom 2018110606/11/2018


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