Unclaimed Estates


When a person dies without leaving a will in the UK, it is not always clear who should inherit their Unclaimed Estate.  

You could be an heir to Unclaimed Inheritance of a relative you've lost touch with or never knew existed.

Unclaimed Estates is a free website that publishes details of new Unclaimed Estates cases in the UK as they arise. These estates are referred to as “Bona Vacantia” and the Crown may claim ownership until the rightful heirs can be located.

If you recognise any names on the Unclaimed Estates Register and think you could be an entitled related, we can help and advise you towards a successful claim. 


See below A-Z list by surname of estates published in the last 2 weeks

Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Arnold Nicholas Michael 30/08/2013 Croydon Surrey Wokingham Surrey 20/01/2020
Ashcroft Peter 25/10/2004 Knutsford Cheshire Manchester 20/01/2020
Billingsley Roger 14/01/2019 WorksopNottinghamshire Enfield Middlesex 20/01/2020
Birdseye Marjorie 16/05/2004 Tooting London SW17 England 20/01/2020
Campion Hector Joseph 01/02/2002 Paddington London W2 Gibraltar 20/01/2020
Canning Patricia 15/04/2012 Hackney London E9 Canning Town 20/01/2020
Clarke Kenneth John 22/12/2003 Epsom Surrey Bermondsey 20/01/2020
Colbourne Ronald Stanley 23/08/2010 Southall Middlesex East Dulwich Camberwell 20/01/2020
Collins Alan Charles 24/05/1995 Watford England 20/01/2020
Cruickshank Ian Brown 06/06/2003 Guildford Surrey Edinburgh 20/01/2020
Davis Barry Ian 13/04/2005 Plymouth Devon Stafford Staffordshire 20/01/2020
Davis Frederick 27/07/1994 Camden London NW3 London 20/01/2020
De Stefano Giacomo 28/03/2007 Solihull Birmingham Naples 20/01/2020
Donnelly Annie 11/08/2003 Tottenham London N17 Glasgow 20/01/2020
Downes Christine Denise 17/09/2007 Sutton Coldfield West Midlands Birmingham 20/01/2020
Dunn Thomas James Henry Awcoate 16/02/2002 Birmingham West Midlands Aldridge West Midlands 20/01/2020
Fulbrook Alison Ann 16/11/2019 Frimley Surrey Aldershot Hampshire 20/01/2020
Glassey Charles 16/01/2010 Shepherds Bush London W12 20/01/2020
Gleeson John 06/07/2006 Carshalton Surrey Republic of Ireland 20/01/2020
Grant Amos George 21/08/2019 Reading Berkshire Wallingford Oxfordshire 20/01/2020
Green Anne Smeaton 25/12/1999 Birmingham West Midlands Glasgow 20/01/2020
Hall Iain Donald 02/06/2014 Penarth Vale of Glamorgan Chester Cheshire 20/01/2020
Harrington George 05/09/2007 Westcliffe-On-Sea Essex Essex 20/01/2020
Harris Constance 07/06/2006 Worthing West Sussex Croydon 20/01/2020
Hilden Derek 09/12/2006 Deptford London SE8 20/01/2020
Hunt Evelyn Millicent 05/11/2006 Ashford Middlesex Wandsworth 20/01/2020
Hunter Patrick Charles 15/12/2018 Stockport Greater Manchester Battersea London 20/01/2020
Landsman Rudolph 18/12/2002 Whitechapel London E1 London 20/01/2020
Lattimer Kenneth Ronald 12/02/2004 Westcliffe-on-Sea Essex London 20/01/2020
Moorhouse Shirley Margaret 28/08/2014 Huddersfield West Yorkshire England 20/01/2020
Rapp Michael Edgar 02/03/2009 Tottenham London N15 Manchester 20/01/2020
Slawson Robert 22/04/2003 Bristol Brstol Limehouse Tower Hamlets 20/01/2020
Smith Stanley Wilson 21/11/2008 Worthing West Sussex 20/01/2020
McCarthy John Edward 09/06/1999 Leytonstone London E11 Irish Republic 17/01/2020
Miller Eric 01/05/2003 Lambeth London SE1 London 17/01/2020
Nicholls Paul Thomas 10/02/2010 Birmingham West Midlands Birmingham 17/01/2020
North Reginald Thomas 29/01/2007 Reading Berkshire Portsmouth 17/01/2020
Phillips Nichola Rachael 23/04/2003 Kilburn London NW2 London 17/01/2020
Reed Brinley George 16/03/2003 Camden London NW3 17/01/2020
Reynolds David John 06/08/2002 Gloucester Gloucestershire Cardiff South Wales 17/01/2020
Robertson Terence Michael 17/12/2013 Hatfield Hertfordshire Croydon South London 17/01/2020
Roe David 20/11/2004 Grimsby North East Lincolnshire United Kingdom 17/01/2020
Russell Jane Elizabeth 08/06/2005 Ashford Kent Finchley Barnet 17/01/2020
Sceeny David 25/03/2008 Southwark London SE1 17/01/2020
Schneider Bernard Albert 21/12/2002 Brixton London SE5 Germany 17/01/2020
Simmons Jack Paul 28/08/2001 Leytonstone London E11 Leytonstone London 17/01/2020
Sloan Nigel Robin 10/09/2010 Camberwell London SE5 Liverpool 17/01/2020
Sparling Thomas Patrick 30/12/1999 Finsbury London N4 Eire 17/01/2020
Swan Thomas 10/05/2007 Southwark London SE17 London 17/01/2020
Thangarajah Ponnampalam 04/05/2019 Enfield London N21 17/01/2020


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