Unclaimed Estates


When a person dies without leaving a will in the UK, it is not always clear who should inherit their Unclaimed Estate.  

You could be an heir to Unclaimed Inheritance of a relative you've lost touch with or never knew existed.

Unclaimed Estates is a free website that publishes details of new Unclaimed Estates cases in the UK as they arise. These estates are referred to as “Bona Vacantia” and the Crown may claim ownership until the rightful heirs can be located.

If you recognise any names on the Unclaimed Estates Register and think you could be an entitled related, we can help and advise you towards a successful claim. 


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Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Mitchener Eric Charles 2017121818/12/2017 Leytonstone London E11 Ilford Essex 2018121111/12/2018
Nash Richard 2017121111/12/2017 Bradford West Yorkshire Uniited Kingdom 2018121111/12/2018
O'Donnell Patrick Joseph 2016081515/08/2016 Gravesend Kent Ireland 2018121111/12/2018
Penrose Stuart 2008020808/02/2008 Ilford Essex Scotland 2018121111/12/2018
Sheppard Michael John 2018082020/08/2018 Oxon Oxfordshire Oxford 2018121111/12/2018
Silman Olive May 2014071111/07/2014 Basildon Essex Essex 2018121111/12/2018
Smith Matthew 2018100202/10/2018 Southampton Hampshire 2018121111/12/2018
Storey John Gordon 2018072121/07/2018 Grimsby Lincolnshire Lincolnshire 2018121111/12/2018
Vaatstra Pieter Hendrick 2017071313/07/2017 Plymouth Devon 2018121111/12/2018
Walsh Francis 2017121515/12/2017 Westminster London NW8 Irish Republic 2018121111/12/2018
Watson Bernard Brian Isacc 2018090606/09/2018 Carlisle Cumbria Carlisle Cumbria 2018121111/12/2018
Williams David Edward 2018030101/03/2018 Llansamlet Swansea Bridgend 2018121111/12/2018
Williams Dennise 2018011818/01/2018 Barnet London EN5 2018121111/12/2018
Beams Phyllis 2018091616/09/2018 Greenwich London SE13 Lewisham 2018121111/12/2018
Bloomfield Alwyn William 2018012525/01/2018 Blackburn Lancashire Dartford Kent 2018121111/12/2018
Branthwaite Trevor 2018030202/03/2018 Whitehaven Cumbria 2018121111/12/2018
Brunskill Gordon 2015012222/01/2015 Lambeth London SW2 Lambeth 2018121111/12/2018
Caple John Arthur 2018092929/09/2018 Bristol Avon Bristol 2018121111/12/2018
Carter Michael Francis 2017111515/11/2017 Royston Hertfordshire Balham Wandsworth 2018121111/12/2018
Cooper Barry Ernest Frederick 2015032323/03/2015 Gosport Hampshire Gosport Hampshire 2018121111/12/2018
Dodworth Linda 2018070202/07/2018 Sheffield South Yorkshire England 2018121111/12/2018
Emslie Barry Clifford 2018061919/06/2018 Birmingham West Midlands Birmingham 2018121111/12/2018
Evans Dai 2017112727/11/2017 Basingstoke Hampshire Wales 2018121111/12/2018
Everett Douglas John 2016112323/11/2016 Colchester Essex Harwich Essex 2018121111/12/2018
Fuller Queenie 2016091515/09/2016 Rushden Northamptonshire Northamptonshire 2018121111/12/2018
Gooch Evelyn 2008012525/01/2008 Sunderland Tyne & Wear Sunderland Tyne & Wear 2018121111/12/2018
Hansen Gladys Maud 2016082323/08/2016 Hackney London N16 Shoreditch 2018121111/12/2018
Homer Victor Ernest 2017121212/12/2017 Cradley Heath West Midlands Sandwell West Midlands 2018121111/12/2018
Hunt John 2017070909/07/2017 Northampton Northamptonshire 2018121111/12/2018
Jones Michael George 2018060707/06/2018 Bedford Bedfordshire 2018121111/12/2018
Jones Neville C 2018102828/10/2018 Bangor Gwynedd Bethesda Bangor Gwynedd 2018121111/12/2018
Khan Linda Susan 2016062424/06/2016 Leeds West Yorkshire Leeds West Yorkshire 2018121111/12/2018
McCarthy David Joseph 2007101616/10/2007 Hull Kinston upon Hull England 2018121111/12/2018
McGreevy Edith Marie 2018072626/07/2018 South Shields Tyne & Wear England 2018121111/12/2018
Bailey Audrey Jean 2008082020/08/2008 Lyme Regis Dorset Southampton 2018121010/12/2018
Bailey Lewis Frederick 2018100808/10/2018 Grantham Lincolnshire Grantham Lincolnshire 2018121010/12/2018
Bell John 2005051919/05/2005 Gateshead Tyne & Wear Gateshead Tyne & Wear 2018121010/12/2018
Benjamin Cynthia 2018041414/04/2018 Leytonstone Waltham Forest Jamaica 2018121010/12/2018
Davies Keith 2017101515/10/2017 Oldbury West Midlands 2018121010/12/2018
Graydon Veronica 2011022525/02/2011 Newcastle upon Tyne Tyne & Wear Newcastle upon Tyne 2018121010/12/2018
Hoy David Thomas 2018060909/06/2018 Darlington Durham England 2018121010/12/2018
Jefferies Mark Anthony 2018083030/08/2018 Minehead Somerset Cheltenham 2018121010/12/2018
Kebbell Frances Jean 2003022525/02/2003 Luton Bedfordshire London 2018121010/12/2018
Osborne Dorothy Ann Elizabeth 2012052323/05/2012 Bristol Avon Burton on Trent Staffordshire 2018121010/12/2018
Rogers Raymond George 2018072323/07/2018 High Wycombe Buckinghamshire High Wycombe Buckinghamshire 2018121010/12/2018
Russell Peter Frederick 2013012929/01/2013 Leckhampton Gloucestershire Bristol 2018121010/12/2018
Skinner Jennifer Rosemary 2011031414/03/2011 Camden London NW3 Watford Hertfordshire 2018121010/12/2018
Theiss Diane 2002011818/01/2002 Worthing West Sussex Golders Green Barnet 2018121010/12/2018
Wheelhouse Michael 2018110606/11/2018 Barnsley South Yorkshire Barnsley South Yorkshire 2018121010/12/2018
Goldsack Richard 2017101010/10/2017 Guildford Surrey England 2018120606/12/2018


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