Unclaimed inheritance


In the UK in the event that a person dies intestate (without leaving a will) the usual probate process can not always happen as it is not always clear who should inherit the deceased's estate and assets. You could be an heir to the unclaimed estate of a relative you've lost touch with or never knew existed!

An heir search can be expensive and time consuming and professional heir hunters do not always take every case and even experts in probate genealogy do not always find the heir so lost heirs can sometimes remain lost. Any assets in the estate of the deceased can remain unclaimed for years and an heir hunters estate case cannot always be solved without help.

Unclaimed Estates is a free service that emails you the list of new unclaimed estates every week so you'll know if an estate you could be entitled to is published.


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Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Clarke Daniel James 2017012020/01/2017 York Yorkshire United Kingdom 2018051818/05/2018
Morgan William Thomas 2018022323/02/2018 Hammersmith London W6 2018051818/05/2018
Perry Phillip Michael 2017021414/02/2017 Croydon Surrey South Norwood 2018051818/05/2018
Stevens Robert Pomeroy 2017053030/05/2017 Sidmouth Devon Nottingham 2018051818/05/2018
Wanstall Norman 2017070404/07/2017 Colchester Essex England 2018051818/05/2018
Beverley David John 2017101313/10/2017 Ipswich Suffolk England 2018051616/05/2018
Haigh Malcolm Stewart 2017102828/10/2017 Huddersfield West Yorkshire Dewsbury West Yorkshire 2018051616/05/2018
Kershaw Peter Darryl 2017031616/03/2017 Southsea Hampshire 2018051616/05/2018
Pasquino Andrea 2017091414/09/2017 Brixton London SW2 2018051616/05/2018
Pearce Slvia Irene 2017102727/10/2017 Great Yarmouth Norfolk Ipswich Suffolk 2018051616/05/2018
Cook Brian Robert 2018022020/02/2018 Newtown Powys Brentford Hounslow 2018051515/05/2018
Jenkins David 2013021616/02/2013 Cardiff South Glamorgan Tonypandy Rhondda Cynon Taff 2018051515/05/2018
Todorovic George 2018021111/02/2018 Hammersmith London W6 Serbia 2018051515/05/2018
Aitken Malcolm 2015020505/02/2015 Ilford Essex Reading Berkshire 2018051414/05/2018
Borley Thelma Nora 2018010202/01/2018 Edgbaston West Midlands Hampton-In-Arden 2018051414/05/2018
Dowell Menvil 2018031717/03/2018 Trafford Greater Manchester 2018051414/05/2018
Eilledge Charles Owen 2016121818/12/2016 Rugeley Staffordshire Llansantffraid Ceredigion 2018051414/05/2018
Filipkowska Jadwiga 2018040808/04/2018 Cambridge Cambridgeshire Poland 2018051414/05/2018
Hayes Rosina 2017102828/10/2017 Ormskirk Lancashire Hampshire 2018051414/05/2018
Hockin Pamela Lorraine 2017120808/12/2017 Morriston Swansea Resolven Neath Port Talbot 2018051414/05/2018
Hughes Islwyn Llewellyn 2018010707/01/2018 Bargoed Caerphilly Troedyrhiw Merthyr Tydfil 2018051414/05/2018
Kearsey Bernard 2016091919/09/2016 Islington London N1 London 2018051414/05/2018
Keys Alice Patricia 2018011616/01/2018 Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire Harrogate North Yorkshire 2018051414/05/2018
Leadley Irene 2017102929/10/2017 Kirk Hammerton North Yorkshire England 2018051414/05/2018
McKeown Jean 2018012626/01/2018 Norwich Norfolk Coatbridge Lanarkshire 2018051414/05/2018
Savage Rose Elizabeth 2017081313/08/2017 Warwick Warwickshire Leamington Spa Warwickshire 2018051414/05/2018
Sculpher Andrew Robert Philip 2018012020/01/2018 Southampton Hampshire Bermondsey Southwark 2018051414/05/2018
Simpson David 2018010505/01/2018 Stockport Cheshire Stockport 2018051414/05/2018
Valentine Margaret 2017103030/10/2017 Weston-super-Mare Somerset Hull Kingston Upon Hull 2018051414/05/2018
Wills Josephine 2018032727/03/2018 Williton Somerset Wiltshire 2018051414/05/2018
Aderinto Ganiyu Akambi 2016072020/07/2016 Archway London N19 2018051111/05/2018
Attwell Marjorie Doris 2017100404/10/2017 Leicester Leicestershire England 2018051111/05/2018
Bell Beryl 2018021212/02/2018 Herne Bay Kent England 2018051111/05/2018
Best Steven 2017020101/02/2017 Islington London N4 United Kingdom 2018051111/05/2018
Boldry Russell 2017092626/09/2017 York Yorkshire York 2018051111/05/2018
Card John Allan Clifford 2017082828/08/2017 Kenley Surrey Wimbledon 2018051111/05/2018
Deacon Peter 2018012626/01/2018 Poole Dorset Hull 2018051111/05/2018
Gwande Raymond 2017030404/03/2017 Islington London N19 Zimbabwe 2018051111/05/2018
Hobson Chloris Agatha 2017121414/12/2017 Northampton Northamptonshire Saint Kitts and Nevis 2018051111/05/2018
Husband John Victor 1986120707/12/1986 Harrow Middlesex Stockton Co Durham 2018051111/05/2018
Juade Anna Maria Margharita 2018032525/03/2018 Romford Essex Londonderry Northern Ireland 2018051111/05/2018
Martin Betty Francis Kate 2017062121/06/2017 Dudley West Midlands Frome Somerset 2018051111/05/2018
Proctor David 2017080101/08/2017 Scarborough North Yorkshire 2018051111/05/2018
Rennie Gavin Ligertwood 2015111212/11/2015 Harlow Essex Scotland 2018051111/05/2018
Soon Cheng Chiu Han 2017062727/06/2017 Birmingham West Midlands Hong Kong 2018051111/05/2018
Vanderavert Willy 2010011010/01/2010 Goodmayes Essex Belgium 2018051111/05/2018
Winship Joan 2015121414/12/2015 North Tyneside Tyne and Wear 2018051111/05/2018
Bailey Alan George 2018012121/01/2018 Portsmouth Hampshire 2018051010/05/2018
Cross Adrian 2018021616/02/2018 Colchester Essex 2018051010/05/2018
Howard Lily Kathleen Margaret 2017062828/06/2017 Colchester Essex Sudbury Suffolk 2018051010/05/2018


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