Unclaimed Estates - Are you entitled to an inheritance?


In the UK, if a person dies intestate (without leaving a will) it is not always clear who should inherit their estate and assets. They may have passed away with no known next of kin and apparently no family to inherit.  

You could be an heir to an unclaimed estate of an estranged relative, perhaps someone you've lost touch with or never knew existed.

The Unclaimed Estates website lists all the unclaimed “Bona Vacantia” estates registered in England & Wales. This is a free to use resource with no search limits.

If you need further help, advice or wish to enlist professional help, you are welcome to contact us.  


See below A-Z list by surname of estates published in the last 2 weeks

Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Bailey Voilet 02/06/2021 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire Stoke on Trent 13/09/2021
Dhiman Tilak Raj 13/05/2020 Wolverhampton Staffordshire India 13/09/2021
Hill George Frederick 23/04/2021 Westerhope Northumberland Bristol 13/09/2021
Hollely Antony-Pavan Hollely 30/01/2021 Sheffield South Yorkshire 13/09/2021
Madeley Peter 19/09/2020 Birmingham Warwickshire Birmingham 13/09/2021
McIntyre Steven James 14/07/2021 Finchley London N12 13/09/2021
Reynolds John 21/11/2020 Rhyl Clwyd Wallasey Wirral 13/09/2021
Walker Francis 19/01/2021 Stevenage Hertfordshire Liverpool Merseyside 10/09/2021
Beckett Maria 28/05/2021 Dover Kent 08/09/2021
Gillett John Wesley 20/06/2021 Bradford West Yorkshire Keighley 08/09/2021
Haran Mary 15/06/2019 Kenley Surrey Ireland 08/09/2021
Murray Julian James 13/04/2021 Uxbridge Middlesex South Africa 08/09/2021
Perry-Mason John David Roo 27/03/2020 Bury St.Edmunds Suffolk Australia 08/09/2021
Taylor Keith 28/01/2018 Derby Derbyshire 08/09/2021
Cripps Alan David 23/05/2020 Caterham Surrey England 07/09/2021
Dixon Jonathan 13/03/2020 Orpington Kent 07/09/2021
Evans Brian John 25/05/2021 Romford Essex Whitechapel Tower Hamlet 07/09/2021
Jacobs James John 31/07/2016 Plymouth Devon 07/09/2021
Naylor James William 17/04/2007 Sunderland Northumberland Sunderland Tyne and Wear 07/09/2021
Harris Samuel Albert 29/07/2020 Wolverhampton Staffordshire 06/09/2021
Smith Philippa Avril Cracknell 18/02/2021 Exmouth Devon England 06/09/2021
Bombroffe Robert Austin 09/05/2021 Coventry Warwickshire England 03/09/2021
Lomas Betty 01/07/2017 Nottingham Nottinghamshire Nottingham 03/09/2021
Reid Patrick 29/03/2016 Nottingham Nottinghamshire Irish Republic 03/09/2021
Tee Norman 30/06/2016 Nottingham Nottinghamshire England 03/09/2021
Dye Stella Maisie 01/05/2009 Nottingham Nottinghamshire 02/09/2021
Hurse David Darren John 15/06/2021 Gorseinon Swansea Swansea 02/09/2021
Uridge Raymond Charles 13/02/2019 Brighton Brighton and Hove Brighton Brighton and Hove 02/09/2021
Gee Dorothy Mary 10/10/2020 Rhyl Denbighshire Ruthin Denbigshire 31/08/2021
Cox David Milton 13/02/2003 Snydale Pontefract Castleford West Yorkshire 26/08/2021
Markwell Robert John 18/02/2021 Gillingham Medway Folkestone Kent 26/08/2021
Fryatt Fitzwilliam Berek 06/01/2021 Southend-on-Sea Essex United Kingdom 25/08/2021
Hill Elizabeth 22/01/2014 Leeds West Yorkshire Selby North Yorkshire 25/08/2021
Mead Paul Francis John 12/05/2015 Chelmsford Essex Rochford Essex 25/08/2021
Sproat Mary 13/06/2021 Southend-on-Sea Essex England 25/08/2021
Charge Thomas Alfred 07/11/2019 Bath Somerset Greece 24/08/2021
Linde Christopher 22/03/2021 Redhill Surrey 24/08/2021
Scully Randolph George 12/03/2018 Hackney London N16 Cuba 24/08/2021
Wood Alan John 08/07/2021 Chichester West Sussex Lavant West Sussex 24/08/2021
Green Alan 19/09/2018 Denmark Hill London SE5 23/08/2021
Gallagher Sarah 26/11/2016 Nottingham Nottinghamshire United Kingdom 19/08/2021
Graydon Peter Ian 05/03/2021 Bradford West Yorkshire England 19/08/2021
Pollard John William 04/02/2015 Mansfield Nottinghamshire Nottingham 19/08/2021
Read Joy Mary 07/11/2015 Ely Cambridgeshire England 18/08/2021
Reddihough Joyce Elizabeth 19/07/2021 Keighley West Yorkshire West Yorkshire 18/08/2021
Reeder Lisa 10/04/2014 Harlow Essex Rochford Essex 18/08/2021
Boss Doreen May 17/01/2021 Norwich Norfolk Norwich Norfolk 16/08/2021
Cain Christopher Terrance 14/05/2021 Leamington Spa Warwickshire Southport Merseyside 16/08/2021
Campbell Ian Kerr 19/04/2020 Abbeywood London SE2 16/08/2021
Corder Brian 04/01/2014 Harwich Essex Colchester Essex 16/08/2021