Unclaimed Estates - Are you entitled to an inheritance?


In the UK, if a person dies intestate (without leaving a will) it is not always clear who should inherit their estate and assets. They may have passed away with no known next of kin and apparently no family to inherit.  

You could be an heir to an unclaimed estate of an estranged relative, perhaps someone you've lost touch with or never knew existed.

The Unclaimed Estates website lists all the unclaimed “Bona Vacantia” estates registered in England & Wales. This is a free to use resource with no search limits.

If you need further help, advice or wish to enlist professional help, you are welcome to contact us.  


See below A-Z list by surname of estates published in the last 2 weeks

Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Jones Michael William 20/08/2020 Kent England 22/10/2020
Kilbourne Kenneth Malcolm 11/04/2020 Leicester England 22/10/2020
Shepherd Richard Peter 29/07/2020 Somerset England 22/10/2020
Smith Kenneth Alfred 08/04/2020 Leicester England 22/10/2020
Bellaby William 17/05/2020 Derbyshire England 21/10/2020
Godfrey Victoria 29/02/2020 West Sussex England 21/10/2020
Keane Gerard Patrick 05/07/2020 n/a 19/10/2020
Mulvey Nicholas 25/07/2019 Kingston upon Thames 19/10/2020
Ward John 01/04/2020 Essex 19/10/2020
Docksey Glenise 04/06/2020 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire Stoke on Trent 16/10/2020
Hayward Mary 05/12/2019 Ashford Kent 16/10/2020
McGraw John Aitken 01/10/2020 Ilford Essex Perth Scotland 16/10/2020
Brogan Robert 29/03/2020 Wakefield England 15/10/2020
Geoffrey Peacock 31/07/2020 n/a England 15/10/2020
Griffiths Roy William 19/09/2019 Brighton and Hove England 15/10/2020
Guy David 14/07/2020 Coventry England 15/10/2020
McMasters John 29/03/2020 Greenwich England 15/10/2020
Merwin Charles Allen 20/07/2020 Devon 15/10/2020
Wass Ivy Doreen 12/08/2020 Hounslow England 15/10/2020
Whitfield John 29/03/2020 Rotherham England 15/10/2020
Allen Bonnard Francis 16/09/2020 Chertsey Surrey Malta 14/10/2020
Briggs Jean Helen 27/07/2020 Redhill Surrey Eastbourne East Sussex 14/10/2020
Tatton Joan 04/09/2020 Chertsey Surrey 14/10/2020
Wheeldon Jane 14/07/2019 Derby Derbyshire Chapeltown South Yorkshire 14/10/2020
Piggott Patrick Francis 19/06/2014 Willesden London NW10 Ireland 12/10/2020
Allison Jean Rosemary 02/04/2020 Watford Hertfordshire Cuckfield Sussex 09/10/2020
Ledger Frederick 08/07/2019 Worcester Worcestershire 09/10/2020
Lord Patricia Ellen 12/09/2020 Leeds West Yorkshire Islington London 09/10/2020
Marsh Stephen 17/04/2020 Bristol 09/10/2020
Sharp David Peter 03/12/2019 Wilmslow Cheshire 09/10/2020
Sayers Derek 13/09/2019 Finchley London N12 08/10/2020
Henry Angela Elizabeth 16/09/2019 Birmingham West Midlands Paddington London 08/10/2020
Holland Douglas Ian 01/07/2020 Sittingbourne Kent Barnet 08/10/2020
Oldridge Brian 04/09/2020 Keighley West Yorkshire United Kingdom 08/10/2020
Pritchard Pamela 20/06/2020 Hawarden Flintshire Flint Flintshire 08/10/2020
Hopkins Harry Paul 10/09/2019 Camberwell London SE5 London 07/10/2020
Linsley George Ernest 26/08/2020 Sunderland Tyne and Wear 07/10/2020
Robinson Linda Anne 17/08/2019 South Hornchurch Essex Stockton-On-Tees Durham 07/10/2020
Taylor Valerie 15/06/2020 Cambridge Cambridgeshire Cambridge Cambridgeshire 07/10/2020
Thompson William Edward 30/10/2019 Birmingham West Midlands Birmingham West Midlands 07/10/2020
Barber Gordon 03/03/2020 Wolverhampton West Midlands Dorking Surrey 05/10/2020
Dalley John 28/05/2020 Birmingham West Midlands Watford Hertfordshire 05/10/2020
Hare Peter John 29/03/2020 Colchester Essex 05/10/2020
Hughes Kenneth 10/04/2020 Abertillery Blaenau Gwent South Wales 05/10/2020
Kennett Mari-Rose 30/03/2019 Canterbury Kent Horley Surrey 05/10/2020
Kingswood William 27/04/2020 Croydon Surrey Bexley 05/10/2020
Rodgers George Arthur 18/04/2019 Plymouth Devon 05/10/2020
Taylor Geoffrey 23/02/2020 Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire Retford Nottinghamshire 05/10/2020
Vinnicombe Irene 09/08/2020 Portsmouth Hampshire Portsmouth 05/10/2020
Dazley James 23/08/2020 Carshalton Surrey England 30/09/2020