Unclaimed Estates - Are you entitled to an inheritance?


In the UK, if a person dies intestate (without leaving a will) it is not always clear who should inherit their estate and assets. They may have passed away with no known next of kin and apparently no family to inherit.  

You could be an heir to an unclaimed estate of an estranged relative, perhaps someone you've lost touch with or never knew existed.

The Unclaimed Estates website lists all the unclaimed “Bona Vacantia” estates registered in England & Wales. This is a free to use resource with no search limits.

If you need further help, advice or wish to enlist professional help, you are welcome to contact us.  


See below A-Z list by surname of estates published in the last 2 weeks

Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Cowley Samuel Frederick 01/12/1992 Camden London NW3 Sevenoaks Kent 24/03/2023
Ivall Terence 25/09/2015 Croydon Surrey 24/03/2023
McKilop David Fairbairn 13/02/2023 Croydon Surrey Scotland 24/03/2023
Bexley Douglas Alfred 13/02/2019 Croydon Surrey Sutton Surrey 23/03/2023
Cooke Harvey Stephen 24/10/2020 Leeds West Yorkshire London 23/03/2023
McQueen Katherine 26/02/2023 Bradford West Yorkshire United Kingdom 23/03/2023
Pender Michael 14/02/2023 Redhill Surrey England 23/03/2023
Redfearn Caroline 11/08/2010 Christchurch Dorset Little Horton 23/03/2023
Turner David William 14/06/2021 Skegness Lincolnshire Durham 23/03/2023
Whitworth Lillian Rose 23/07/2020 Croydon Surrey 23/03/2023
Bradley Paul 25/10/2022 Whitchurch Hampshire 21/03/2023
Connolly John James 05/02/2023 Luton Bedfordshire Irish Republic 21/03/2023
Denton Anthony 30/12/2022 Newcastle Upon Tyne Northumberland Hartlepool County Durham 21/03/2023
Dewey Nicholas 02/07/2017 Holborn London WCIV Hackney 21/03/2023
Hazell Mark Jason 25/03/2022 West Norwood London SE27 Farnborough 21/03/2023
Jones Ivy 23/11/2021 Wakefield West Yorkshire England 21/03/2023
Jones Keith Wesley 20/02/2023 Cleethorpes Lincolnshire England 21/03/2023
Lomax Raymond Anthony 16/10/2022 Sale Cheshire Bucklow Cheshire 21/03/2023
Lowndes Peter Stanley 20/03/2019 Lewisham. London SE13 Lewisham 21/03/2023
Marriott Anthony John 17/02/2023 Westminster London W9 Sutton 21/03/2023
McCathie Joseph Ian 01/11/2022 Salisbury Wiltshire Salisbury Wiltshire 21/03/2023
Meyer Jon Anthony Alexander 23/04/2021 Plymouth Devon England 21/03/2023
Porteous Phyllis Anne 03/02/2023 Poole Dorset Hammersmith 21/03/2023
Simples Vitor Manuel 10/07/2022 Camden London NW3 Portugal 21/03/2023
White Gladys 02/02/2023 Cramlington Northumberland 21/03/2023
Witynskyj Osyp 04/04/2019 Cambridge Cambridgeshire Ukraine 21/03/2023
Buxton Matthew 19/04/2022 Kensington London W11 London 13/03/2023
Clarke Donald 15/10/2021 Doncaster South Yorkshire England 13/03/2023
Ford Michael David 24/08/2022 Whitstaple Kent Redruth Cornwall 13/03/2023
Gill Faye 03/11/2018 Enfield Middlesex Enfield 13/03/2023
Rauchle Christa Rosemarie 26/12/2022 Kensington London W11 Germany 13/03/2023
Richards Jill Evelyn 30/12/2022 Ceredigion Dyfed Romford Essex 13/03/2023
Rodska Val 11/01/2023 Wimborne Dorset 13/03/2023
Smith Wilfred 20/12/2022 Dudley Worcestershire West Bromwich West Midlands 13/03/2023
Steel Jean 30/11/2022 Harlow Essex 13/03/2023
Watson Miriam 12/08/2022 Leeds West Yorkshire 13/03/2023
Williams Kevin Leslie 04/09/2020 Hereford Herefordshire Hereford 13/03/2023
Masters Diana Maureen 16/10/2022 Gloucester Gloucestershire Chepstow Monmouthshire 10/03/2023
Bielby Diane Susan 25/02/2021 Hull East Riding of Yorkshire Plymouth Devon 09/03/2023
Biscombe Nathaniel Fitzroy 12/08/2022 Catford London SE6 Jamaica 09/03/2023
Broadbelt Daisy Maud 23/05/2019 Battersea London SW8 Jamaica 09/03/2023
Cripps John 17/11/2020 Eastbourne Sussex Middlesex 09/03/2023
Furley Eileen Agnes 20/06/2021 Malvern Worcestershire Eldersfield Worcestershire 09/03/2023
Lawford Derek Robert 09/09/2021 York North Yorkshire York 09/03/2023
Sidwell Mavis Roseline 20/03/2022 Leicester Leicestershire Leicester 09/03/2023
Crook John 31/12/2022 Southsea Portsmouth 08/03/2023
Musgrave Peter James 10/11/2022 Swansea West Glamorgan Barnsley South Yorkshire 08/03/2023
Pearce Michael 03/04/2022 South Greenford Middlesex Hartlepool 08/03/2023
Schooler Brian 01/12/2022 Ilford London IG3 Liverpool 08/03/2023
Andrews Neville Lunn 20/12/2021 Leicester Leicestershire Leicester 02/03/2023