Unclaimed Estates - Are you entitled to an inheritance?


In the UK, if a person dies intestate (without leaving a will) it is not always clear who should inherit their estate and assets. They may have passed away with no known next of kin and apparently no family to inherit.  

You could be an heir to an unclaimed estate of an estranged relative, perhaps someone you've lost touch with or never knew existed.

The Unclaimed Estates website lists all the unclaimed “Bona Vacantia” estates registered in England & Wales. This is a free to use resource with no search limits.

If you need further help, advice or wish to enlist professional help, you are welcome to contact us.  


See below A-Z list by surname of estates published in the last 2 weeks

Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Cavey Derek 21/10/2021 Harlow Essex 23/04/2024
Cullen Gregory 23/02/2024 Harlow Essex England 23/04/2024
Devine Eileen 14/02/2024 Peacehaven Sussex Brighton Brighton and Hove 23/04/2024
Paget David Francis 30/10/2022 Louth Lincolnshire England 23/04/2024
Burgess Michael Joseph Anthony 20/02/2024 Yeovil Somerset Bristol 08/04/2024
El Karyuni Mohamed 05/01/2022 Chelsea London SW10 08/04/2024
Griffin Jack 28/12/2019 Bath Somerset England 08/04/2024
Havron David John 27/02/2024 York North Yorkshire York 08/04/2024
Hayden Milagros 05/01/2023 Margate Kent Philippines 08/04/2024
Hughes Mark Edward 16/03/2024 Yeovil Somerset Harrow Middlesex 08/04/2024
Luckeeram Frank Lindley 08/12/2023 Watford Hertfordshire 08/04/2024
Partington Irene Joan 19/10/2023 Watford Hertfordshire England 08/04/2024
Rhodes Margaret Adelia 10/11/2023 Wakefield West Yorkshire Blyth Northumberland 08/04/2024
Rothery Robert Joseph 19/01/2023 Braintree Essex Bradford West Yorkshire 08/04/2024
Treagus Frederick William 19/12/2023 Worthing Sussex 08/04/2024
Wells Gerald 18/10/2003 Crawley Sussex England 08/04/2024
Wink Angelo 30/12/2021 Redhill Surrey 08/04/2024
Crawley Mark 20/05/2023 St Leonards-on-Sea Sussex Bushey Hertfordshire 05/04/2024
Edgecombe Samantha Jane 12/02/2023 West Malling Kent Kent 05/04/2024
Jones Morwen Elizabeth 20/10/2023 Aberystwyth Dyfed 05/04/2024
Peck June May 19/10/2022 Nottingham Nottinghamshire Nottingham 05/04/2024
Pigott James 07/03/2023 Taunton Somerset 05/04/2024
Storah Michael Anthony 21/08/2023 Abbey Wood London 05/04/2024
Wade Brian James 24/07/2023 Tyne and Wear Northumberland United Kingdom 05/04/2024
Ward Jean 14/01/2022 Leeds West Yorkshire 05/04/2024
Warner Neil 20/01/2024 Southall Middlesex London 05/04/2024
Booth Russell Stanley 15/12/2023 Guildford Surrey Myanmar 02/04/2024
Dicken Frances Elizabeth 22/07/2018 Wednesdbury Staffordshire West Midlands 02/04/2024
Gayton Julie Frances 13/11/2023 Bedford Bedfordshire United Kingdom 02/04/2024
Gordon Howard Fetley Alexander 05/05/2021 Coventry Warwickshire Jamaica 02/04/2024
Kirkham Nadia 15/03/2024 Chelsea London SW10 Bromley Kent 02/04/2024
Mackey Bernard John 11/01/2024 Guildford Surrey Mortlake Barnes 02/04/2024
Riley May 24/10/2023 Gloucester Gloucestershire Gloucester 02/04/2024
Troughton Terence 13/11/2023 Upper Norwood London SE19 Lewisham 02/04/2024
Walby Annabelle 04/07/2021 Kidderminster Worcestershire Irish Republic 02/04/2024
Walker Dunkley John 04/01/2024 Banbury Oxfordshire 02/04/2024
Baptiste Philip John 31/10/2020 Newham London E6 Dominica 27/03/2024
Bernatovic Ladislav 07/06/2021 Coventry Warwickshire Yugoslavia 27/03/2024
Chau Sau Yan 12/02/2020 Northwood Middlesex Hong Kong 27/03/2024
Jones Ian 19/01/2013 West Bromwich Staffordshire England 27/03/2024
Twidale David 28/12/2020 Bristol Bristol Hartlepool County Durham 26/03/2024
Wall Steven John 14/01/2024 Stockton-on-Tees Durham Stockton-on-Tees 26/03/2024
Williams Jean 19/02/2020 Bristol Bristol England 26/03/2024
Boyle James Kerr 12/02/2024 Clacton-on-Sea Essex Glasgow 26/03/2024
Broadhurst Ian Richard 15/07/2021 Cheadle Cheshire 26/03/2024
Fenn Thelma 13/12/2023 Bradford West Yorkshire United Kingdom 26/03/2024
Fletcher Barry David 18/10/2023 Exmouth Devon Withycombe Raleigh Exmouth Devon 26/03/2024
Gaffey Stephen 02/04/2020 East Ham London E6 United Kingdom 26/03/2024
Gotze Simon Edwin 07/06/2022 Cardiff South Glamorgan Cardiff 26/03/2024
Green Iris 25/12/2023 Leytonstone London E11 England 26/03/2024