Unclaimed Estates - Are you entitled to an inheritance?


In the UK, if a person dies intestate (without leaving a will) it is not always clear who should inherit their estate and assets. They may have passed away with no known next of kin and apparently no family to inherit.  

You could be an heir to an unclaimed estate of an estranged relative, perhaps someone you've lost touch with or never knew existed.

The Unclaimed Estates website lists all the unclaimed “Bona Vacantia” estates registered in England & Wales. This is a free to use resource with no search limits.

If you need further help, advice or wish to enlist professional help, you are welcome to contact us.  


See below A-Z list by surname of estates published in the last 2 weeks

Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Agard Andrew Carlton 02/01/2021 Hammersmith London W6 02/03/2021
Edmonds Ronald 18/10/2018 Norbury London SW16 02/03/2021
Hill Francis 21/11/2018 Ilford Essex Islington 02/03/2021
Johnson Ronald Robert 24/01/2021 Buckhurst Hill Essex Walthamstow Waltham Forest 02/03/2021
Lewis Stephen Christopher 08/07/2020 Watlington Oxfordshire 02/03/2021
Mann Marcus 22/05/2020 Wood Green London N22 02/03/2021
Reynolds Philip 13/06/2020 Robertsbridge East Sussex East Sussex 02/03/2021
Barden Keith Richard 06/10/2020 Hither Green London SE28 01/03/2021
Bowker Kevin 03/02/2020 Bristol England 01/03/2021
Cushley Robert 22/05/2020 Plymouth Devon Belfast Northen Ireland 01/03/2021
Flanaghan John Otis 17/02/2020 Coventry West Midlands Jamaica 01/03/2021
Hermosilla Daniel 28/01/2021 Hampstead London NW3 Spain 01/03/2021
Marsden Peter 19/08/2020 Glossop Derbyshire Glossop Derbyshire 01/03/2021
McFadyen John 08/12/2020 Portsmouth Hampshire 01/03/2021
Mytton Michael David 10/01/2021 Eastbourne East Sussex Plymouth 01/03/2021
Rance Rodney 12/06/2020 Camberley Surrey England 01/03/2021
Ridgway Elsie 17/05/2020 Barnsley South Yorkshire England 01/03/2021
Johnston Noel 03/11/2020 Birkenhead Merseyside Northen Ireland 26/02/2021
Lebas Alan 31/12/2020 Southampton Hampshire Southampton 26/02/2021
Bright Brian Wilfred 15/05/2020 Peterborough Cambridgeshire 25/02/2021
Henry Thomas 14/04/2019 Wirral Merseyside Birkenhead Wirral 25/02/2021
Herod Kathleen 31/03/2020 Tameside Greater Manchester United Kingdom 25/02/2021
Lewis Brendan 13/12/2020 Portsmouth Hampshire 25/02/2021
Parry Ivan Lee Noel 07/12/2018 Mansfield Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire 25/02/2021
Stephens Gareth Llewellyn 02/10/2020 Swindon Wiltshire Oxford 25/02/2021
Woodhall Roy 03/01/2021 Nuneaton Warwickshire Hackney London 25/02/2021
Golightly Hugh 06/11/2019 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk Tantobie County Durham 24/02/2021
Hutchinson Peter David 30/01/1998 York North Yorkshire Leeds West Yorkshire 24/02/2021
Morgan Jayne Ann 12/12/2020 Harlow Essex Emsworth Hampshire 24/02/2021
Munro Bryan 19/09/2019 Sunderland Tyne and Wear Sunderland Tyne and Wear 24/02/2021
Smith Peter John 13/06/2020 Portsmouth Hampshire 24/02/2021
Wood Robert John 21/11/2019 Hammersmith London NW6 Crewe Cheshire 24/02/2021
Jones Anne 13/11/2017 Denmark Hill London SE5 Liverpool 22/02/2021
Morey Peter Charles 08/03/2020 Barnstaple Devon Epsom Surrey 19/02/2021
Finch Brenda 17/01/2021 Addlestone Surrey United Kingdom 18/02/2021
Francis Marilyn Lucy 22/11/2020 Aberystwyth Cardiganshire Llangollen Denbighshire 18/02/2021
Law Nancy Joan 23/05/2018 Westminster London W9 Bexhill-on-Sea East Sussex 18/02/2021
Oxenford James 22/01/2021 Redhill Surrey 18/02/2021
Reed Steve Douglas 10/08/2020 Swansea Glamorgan Swansea 18/02/2021
Ashley Norma 17/11/2019 Stepney Green London London 17/02/2021
Brown Cornelius 31/12/2020 Chertsey Surrey Jamaica 17/02/2021
Green Joseph George 06/01/2020 Southall Middlesex 17/02/2021
Gual Maryin 18/01/2020 Gospel Oak London NW5 Bolton 17/02/2021
Hornby-Naylor Chere 14/12/2020 Cramlington Northumberland Whitley Bay Northumberland 17/02/2021
Randall Alan Richard 25/10/2019 Redhill Surrey St.John's Wood Westminister 17/02/2021
Roberts Gerrard 15/11/2020 Portsmouth Hampshire 17/02/2021
Taback Kekesharu 08/11/2020 Acton London W3 India 17/02/2021
Wheeler Derek 01/01/2020 Bristol Bristol Bristol 17/02/2021
Witten Derek Leslie 18/08/2020 Daventry Northamptonshire 17/02/2021
Hanchard Carol 17/07/2019 Stratford London E15 16/02/2021