Unclaimed Inheritance


When a person dies intestate (without leaving a will) in the UK, it is not always clear who should inherit the Deceased's estate and assets. 

You could be an heir to the unclaimed estate of a relative you've lost touch with or never knew existed.

The Unclaimed Estates website is a free resource that publishes details of new unclaimed estates as they arise. These estates are referred to as “Bona Vacantia” and the Crown may claim ownership, unless the rightful heirs can be identified and located.

If you recognise any names on the unclaimed estates list, think you could be related or have been approached by an heir hunter about a possible claim, we can help and advise you. 


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Surname Forename(s) Date of death Place of death Place of birth Date of publication
Bessant David 1989012828/01/1989 Sheffield South Yorkshire Clevedon Avon 2018081616/08/2018
Booth Leslie Ralph 2003050303/05/2003 Leeds West Yorkshire Leeds West Yorkshire 2018081616/08/2018
Carne Wayne Raymond 2018061616/06/2018 Bridgend Mid Glamorgan Bridgend 2018081616/08/2018
Christie Donald 2018070101/07/2018 Acton London W3 London 2018081616/08/2018
Cotterell Alan Royle 2018061818/06/2018 Warrington Cheshire Morecambe Lancashire 2018081616/08/2018
Douglas Helen 2018060909/06/2018 Birkenhead Merseyside Wallasey 2018081616/08/2018
Eagle Ronald 2018032828/03/2018 Wolverhampton West Midlands Wolverhampton West Midlands 2018081616/08/2018
Edwards Alan 2018061414/06/2018 Hyde Cheshire Cheshire 2018081616/08/2018
Fitzhenry Alan Thomas 2018031414/03/2018 Woolwich London SE18 Manchester 2018081616/08/2018
Forsyth William 2018072727/07/2018 Cheltenham Gloucestershire Wigtown Scotland 2018081616/08/2018
Gray David Michael 2015053131/05/2015 St Leonards On Sea East Sussex Singapore 2018081616/08/2018
Hamilton Hannah 2016122828/12/2016 Whitechapel London E1 Surrey 2018081616/08/2018
Hawksworth Raymond 2018011515/01/2018 Whitchurch Shropshire 2018081616/08/2018
Hoare Raymond George 2018051515/05/2018 Westbury Wiltshire Melksham Wiltshire 2018081616/08/2018
Howland Peter James 2018012222/01/2018 Brent London NW9 London 2018081616/08/2018
Hudson Henry 2018040202/04/2018 Cheltenham Gloucestershire Tewkesbury Gloucestershire 2018081616/08/2018
Kent Peter 2018032222/03/2018 Harrow London England 2018081616/08/2018
Kernohan John 2018031313/03/2018 Peterborough Cambridgeshire United Kingdom 2018081616/08/2018
Kerry Ernest 2018031515/03/2018 Grimsby North Lincolnshire England 2018081616/08/2018
King Fred 2018043030/04/2018 Chertsey Surrey Woking Surrey 2018081616/08/2018
Kingyune Psalau 2016072828/07/2016 Whitechapel London E1 2018081616/08/2018
Kmet Bordan 2018020606/02/2018 Leeds West Yorkshire 2018081616/08/2018
Kumarasamy Balasinghan 2018062323/06/2018 Bournemouth. Dorset Malaysia 2018081616/08/2018
Lisovszky Barbara 2018041010/04/2018 Sheffield South Yorkshire Barnsley 2018081616/08/2018
Macefield-Jones Michael Peter 2016040202/04/2016 Durham Co Durham Hesledon County Durham 2018081616/08/2018
Mayer Elizabeth Margaret 2018022828/02/2018 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire Stoke on Trent 2018081616/08/2018
Mellis William James 2018022323/02/2018 Hammersmith London W6 London 2018081616/08/2018
Noel McDonald 2018042424/04/2018 Camden London NW3 Trinidad and Tobago 2018081616/08/2018
Prowse Alan 2017111313/11/2017 South Hornchurch Essex England 2018081616/08/2018
Regan James Michael 2017032929/03/2017 Whitechapel London E1 2018081616/08/2018
Rowland Doreen 2017051313/05/2017 Manor Park London E12 England 2018081616/08/2018
Ruggier Anthony Leon 2014031313/03/2014 Swindon Wiltshire Plymouth 2018081616/08/2018
Smith Brian Philip 2018062424/06/2018 Southampton Hampshire Bournemouth 2018081616/08/2018
Stanley Thomas Edward 2016010909/01/2016 Brighton East Sussex Durham County of Durham 2018081616/08/2018
Summers William Job 2018041010/04/2018 Cardiff South Glamorgan Cardiff 2018081616/08/2018
Sutton Roy 2005012020/01/2005 Doncaster South Yorkshire Doncaster 2018081616/08/2018
Tall John Trevor 2017021717/02/2017 Grimsby North East Lincolnshire Grimsby North East Lincolnshire 2018081616/08/2018
Thacker Michael Allen 2018040303/04/2018 Edmonton London N18 2018081616/08/2018
Ward Shelagh Anne 2017100202/10/2017 Sale Manchester Stretford Trafford 2018081616/08/2018
Waugh Brian 2017070303/07/2017 Bradford West Yorkshire United Kingdom 2018081616/08/2018
Webb Brian James 2018061717/06/2018 Torquay Devon Wales 2018081616/08/2018
Weinberg Charles 2017111818/11/2017 Ilford Essex England 2018081616/08/2018
Pilbro Brian Alexander 2017110808/11/2017 Willesden London NW10 Paddington Westminster 2018081313/08/2018
Gilchrist Barry 2017052222/05/2017 Leeds West Yorkshire Leeds West Yorkshire 2018081010/08/2018
Hancock Gary 2018031919/03/2018 Clacton-on-Sea Essex Braintree Essex 2018081010/08/2018
Hough Clifford 2018010909/01/2018 Ashton-under-Lyne Greater Manchester Salford 2018081010/08/2018
Maunder Brian James 2018010101/01/2018 Chichester West Sussex Enfield 2018081010/08/2018
Mckenna Francis 2009101313/10/2009 Hereford Hereford and Worcester Scotland 2018081010/08/2018
Pierce Gary 2018032222/03/2018 Southall Middlesex Perivale Ealing 2018081010/08/2018
Smith Frank William 2018070808/07/2018 Colchester Essex East Ham Newham 2018081010/08/2018


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