Unclaimed Estates in Ireland 

Tue 20th Aug 2019

It is a fact that Unclaimed Estates are on the rise in Ireland. The number of cases where an individual has died without a will is increasing across the UK and Ireland is no different. This creates a problem for probate genealogists who are seeing more ...

Unclaimed Inheritance in Scotland

Thu 23rd May 2019

Did you know the process of claiming estates and unclaimed inheritance differs around the world? Due to individual laws, the steps required to make a claim can differ dramatically even in neighbouring countries such as Scotland and England. Take a look at our guide to claiming ...

Making A Claim on a Deceased’s Estate

Tue 12th Mar 2019

How you go about making a claim on a deceased’s estate? The Unclaimed Estates List details every case of unclaimed inheritance in the UK after it is updated each week. You can check the list to search by name or location to find any cases ...

Unclaimed Inheritance in Cambridgeshire

Thu 7th Mar 2019

Unclaimed Estates are becoming more of a common occurrence across the UK. There are currently 220 Unclaimed Inheritance cases in Cambridgeshire awaiting a relative and ...

Unclaimed Estates List in Bristol

Tue 26th Feb 2019

Is it possible you could be the entitled relative to an unclaimed estate worth thousands without knowing? The latest release of the Unclaimed Inheritance List shows there are currently

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