How to Find The Value of An Unclaimed Estate

Tue 19th Feb 2019

How to Find The Value of An Unclaimed Estate

Regularly, we are asked how to find unclaimed estates and the values of them. While it is often hard to determine the value of an estate from the beginning of a claim, it is possible to investigate the legitimacy of your claim regardless of the potential value. 

What is an Unclaimed Estate?

An unclaimed estate happens when a person dies without leaving a will, and there appear to be no family members to inherit their belongings.

An updated list of Unclaimed Estates is published to this site each week after the Government published the latest cases. Our Unclaimed Estates Search is free to use and easy to get assistance if you find an estate you think you are the heir to.

In addition to this list, heir hunters will often get surplus cases referred by other sources. Often solicitors will contact trusted heir hunting firms when they come into contact with an estate without an heir. It is also common for friends of a deceased to contact us if their friend has died alone. With the extra information we can gain from these sources, there is often enough to locate the rightful heir(s).

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With unclaimed estates, you can sign up to regular notifications via our email newsletter service. This means you will be notified whenever a new estate is added to the list, so you will be the first to know if an estate comes up which could possibly be connected to your family. And you never know—this could lead to a substantial windfall!

Unclaimed Estate Value

In the last few days, names and estates added to the unclaimed estates list include;

It is always worth getting in touch with a respected probate genealogy firm if you want to prove your relationship to anyone on the unclaimed estates list. Finders International has many years’ experiences searching for the rightful beneficiaries to estates, and their work is regularly featured on the successful BBC show, Heir Hunters.

While we can not discuss the value of an Unclaimed Estate from the outset, we can investigate your entitlement to the case. If you are deemed to the sole rightful heir to an estate you will receive the full value of your relative's belongings.

In our experience, there is no such thing as an estate without a rightful claimant somewhere in the world. Families may scatter far and wide, but we have found heirs in Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and more, thanks to the global reach of our partners and researchers.

If you believe you are the rightful heir to an estate or know of an estate which requires investigation, let a member of our team know today.