About Unclaimed Estates

In the UK in the event that a person dies intestate (without leaving a will) it is not always clear who should inherit the deceased's estate and assets. If the deceased's next of kin are unknown and cannot be found then eventually the estate will pass to the Crown. Before this however the Treasury advertises these estates in the hope that an entitled relative or relatives may be found.

The list of unclaimed estates is known as the Bona Vacantia (literally meaning vacant goods). There are professional probate genealogists that research the family tree of the deceased in order to find entitled relatives in return for a percentage of the estate's value but they are not always successful. People often lose touch with their relatives or are unaware of the existence of relative that has died so it could be possible that there's an unclaimed inheritance that you are entitled to.

Heir Hound is a free service that allows you to create surname alerts so in the event of the details of an unclaimed estate being released that match your alerts we'll send you an email message informing you.

You can specify as many surnames as you like so if you have already researched some of your family tree you can enter all the surnames in your tree.

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