Making A Claim on a Deceased’s Estate

Tue 12th Mar 2019

Making A Claim on a Deceased’s Estate

How you go about making a claim on a deceased’s estate? The Unclaimed Estates List details every case of unclaimed inheritance in the UK after it is updated each week. You can check the list to search by name or location to find any cases you may be entitled to.

Find Unclaimed Inheritance

The Unclaimed Estates list is updated regularly, containing as much detail as is known regarding the deceased. Records include the name of the person, when and where they died, their age and where they were born if this information is known. It covers estates all over the country. As you might guess, values vary wildly but some Unclaimed Estates can be worth substantial amounts of money.

As Unclaimed Inheritance associated with these cases often includes property and belongings alongside money, the amount of an estate can vary from substantial amounts through to very little. Due to a range of circumstances and families drifting apart over the years, it is often the case that entitled relatives do not know of the person they are set to inherit from. Despite this, all that is needed is proof of the family tree and that connection, and proof of your identity.

Claiming Inheritance

So, how do you go about making a claim on an estate?

There are rules to who is entitled to an intestate case, depending on their relation. In the case of most estates listed here or on the Bona Vacantia List, it is a safe assumption that most close family members have either previously died or did not exist.

In most cases, this is with spouses or children who will normally be a close enough relative to have knowledge of the death. From here outwards it becomes harder to trace an entitled relative who may not have the same kind of close connection. Aunts and Uncles or more likely their children are likely to be in line to inherit without knowledge of the case.

Find out more on who is entitled to claim against an Unclaimed Estate.

Proving Your Claim

In order to evidence the legitimacy of your claim to an estate, you will need to provide a family tree or another source of proof as to your relation to the deceased. This will need to include a reference to everyone in your family between yourself and the deceased. You will also need to provide proof of your own identity. A member of our team will be able to guide you through the best ways to access the relevant information and when to provide it.  

If you believe an Unclaimed Estate listed on the register belongs to a relative of yours, contact one of our specialist probate genealogists who can investigate your claim and discover if you are an entitled relative.